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RRSPs: A Smart Choice for Business Owners


If you’re a business owner who operates through a corporation, you have two main options for deferring taxes when investing your business profits.

The Compensation Conundrum: Will it be salary or dividends?


When year-end approaches, owner-managers begin to ponder the age-old question: how should I pay myself this year? In other words, should I withdraw business profits from my corporation as salary (bonus) or as dividends?

Starting Over (2016)


In a second marriage or common-law partnership? Not only might you have to deal with blending family members from previous relationships, but now you have to consider how to blend finances.

How business owners can
maximize excess profit

Jamie Golombek tells BNN a number of complex factors go into whether a small business owner should reinvest excess profits within their corporation or remove the money to invest in RRSPs.

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